Sub-project Epidemiology

Aims and tasks

Epidemiology is considered basic research for public health and health care. Though it already holds a plethora of sex and gender specific expertise, and the scientific community has committed themselves to sex and gender adequate research integration into the research routine does not exist. (GEP–Good Epidemiological Practice
Epi goes Gender in cooperation with epidemiologists thus aims to promote a widespread and sustainable process to adopt sex and gender specific research methods and research cultures. The epidemiological professional societies DG Epi, DGSMP, GMDS and DGMS have from the beginning been involved as partners in this project.

Against the background of conceptual basic transdisciplinary research processes, scientists are motivated and enabled to scrutinize epidemiologic knowledge in terms of sex and gender aspects, to connect it transdisciplinarily (medicine, gender research) and to compile new sex and gender specific knowledge. In the same way, epidemiologic methods are evaluated regarding sex and gender sensibility.

Summary of the project description here (PDF).