Sub-project Epidemiology

Work program and results

Epi goes Gender divides into three phases:

1. Inventory of points of contact in the respective disciplines and communication of the project in the scientific community
An internationally review identified positive examples of gender sensitive research in epidemiology. For this, it was necessary to initially develop an assessment tool. This assessment tool, as well as first results of the inventory have already been presented at an international congress with publications pending. Needs and requirements for the improvement of integrating gender aspects in epidemiological research within the scientific community will be collected in a second step.
For this purpose, a survey among epidemiologists from the professional societies, epidemiological institutes and representatives of working groups, will be conducted.

2. Young scientists create new knowledge
The second phase encompasses the creation of new epidemiological knowledge by (young) academic talent. Thus, the creation of knowledge will be connected to the qualification of researchers and scientists who in the future will determine research standards in epidemiology. Project ideas of (young) academic talent will be chosen from submissions by competitive choice. Participants will develop gender sensitive assignments in a learning process which is professionally guided and organized supportively. Assignments should serve the individual career development as well as the development of epidemiology. The concept of the program and the application form can be found here (both in German).

3. Transdisciplinary integration
The research process will continuously be reverberated and optimized by intra-scientific discourse, specifically as well as transdisciplinarily. Thus, specific and comprehensive results will be concentrated to obtain components for the promotion of a widespread and stable transfer of gender sensitive research concepts and methods. Timely and internationally high level publication of results is part of the project concept.