Sub-project Genetics /Cancer Research

Work program and results

The sub-project „Gender-Sensitive Concepts in Genetics/Cancer Research“, in which junior scientists from different disciplines are taking an active part in the context of qualification projects is divided into three parts:

1. Survey of gender competence in organisations influencing the field of genetics and cancer research. The most influential organisations are e.g. scientific medical societies, editorial boards of professional journals, foundations and trusts, funding research in the field of genetics and cancer, as well as the authorized comities of representatives for animal welfare who decide over the approval of animal experiments. According to the results of the survey guidelines will be provided, which will refer to the consideration of gender aspects in future research projects.

2. Furthermore previously gathered knowledge was analyzed with regards to gender aspects. The example of knockout animals, which carry an experimentally induced loss of function of a specific gene in all cells or in specific tissues and therefore constitute good models for mostly monogenic diseases will be used. It will be examined, how often in phenotypical characterization of mice with a loss of function in a tumor suppressor gene the factor of gender was included in the analysis and if it was considered how often sex-specific differences were observed.

3. In the context of the central education project „Molecular Basis of Gender-Biased Thyroid Carcinoma Development as a Prerequisite for Gender-Adapted Prevention Strategies” the genes, which are responsible for the elevated risk of female individuals to develop thyroid carcinomas are supposed to be identified. These studies are performed with the help of experimental animals living under controlled conditions, to be able to draw conclusions about the genetic component of the sex-specific disease risk.