Sub-project “Gender-sensitive concepts in neuroscience“

Aims and tasks

To date, there has only been little awareness of the necessity to integrate sex/ gender aspects in the scientific community of neuroscience, and consequently these aspects have only occasionally been incorporated into research.
Within this context, this project “Gender sensitive Concepts in Neuroscience” aims at integrating the biological sex and social gender into the scientific community of neuroscience and the specialists’ societies in order to gain new insight and to help interpret research findings. First of all, special links are to be identified in the various specialists’ societies, sponsoring organizations and editorial boards of journals, taking into account the disciplinary situation and culture. In addition, a survey of gender aspects in this context started in January 2012.

A key research qualification project dealing with “the influence of sexual steroids and a pharmacogenetically active androgen receptor polymorphism on the spatial and the speech-related short-term and long-term memory by means of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)” has already started. The aim is to further qualify junior scientists, thereby offering them the opportunity to incorporate theoretical and practical knowledge of gender and neuroscience into their projects (“learning by doing”).

See here for a longer version of the project description here (PDF).