Sub-project "Gender-sensitive concepts in neuroscience"


Work program and results

The work schedule of the sub-project “Gender-sensitive concepts in neurosciences” comprises two parts:

1. fMRI-Qualification project
Within the framework of the key research qualification project “The influence of sexual steroids and a pharmacogenetically active androgen receptor polymorphism on the spatial and the speech-related short-term and long-term memory by means of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)” the analysis of the influence of hormones on the cognitive performance of healthy men and women has commenced. These analyses will be carried out in cooperation with the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Andrology/ Clinical Andrology at the University of Münster.

2. Analysis of the integration of gender into the field of research / survey
In the course of the survey, a review of the analysis of “Cognition and gender by means of imaging methods” will be issued. A standardized questionnaire for a summarizing analysis of the findings was established after literature search. The findings will also be compared with already existing insight from other disciplines and cultures.

In a further step, the consideration of sex/ gender knowledge will be examined within the scientific community first and in the scientific output of the “Bernsteinverbund” – the “National Network Computational Neuroscience” afterwards. Another standardized questionnaire will be used which will help to determine whether there are differences specific to a certain field of research regarding the integration of existing sex/ gender knowledge.