Network Gender-sensitive Research in Epidemiology, Neurosciences and Genetics/Tumor Research

Aims and tasks

This network aims to contribute to the integration of gender perspective into epidemiological and medical research as well as into medical education. This includes the development of new conceptual and methodological models. Based on a transdisciplinary participative approach scientists of all participating disciplines on all qualification levels and in different stages of their academic careers will be involved in this network: from master student to university professor.

In this network we will ...

  • create new links for gender sensitive research to research associations, funding bodies and editorial boards of journals, taking into account different situations and cultures of the various disciplines
  • conduct surveys and reviews of the current practice of including gender aspects in the participating disciplines
  • enable particularly young academics in methods and concepts of gender sensitive research and support them accordingly
  • produce new gender sensitive knowledge, e.g. qualifying young academics by participation in research projects
  • allow scientific discourse within professional associations to be initiated and supported
  • develop and provide further training modules based on the needs and wishes of the participants
  • project specific results to be reflected and transferred across multiple disciplines
  • organize and host workshops and conferences the results of which will be published

See here for a short description of the network (PDF).