Network Gender-sensitive Research in Epidemiology, Neurosciences and Genetics/Tumor Research

The network aims to coordinate, develop and secure the comprehensive sub-project collaboration in the network

Therefore, one main task is to safeguard basic conditions for collaboration in the network as well as social scientific support of the network in questions of sex and gender research, and the network evaluation.

Furthermore, comprehensive sub-project workshops have been scheduled and realized by the network coordination. The first workshop took place immediately after the project kicked off in Bremen on July 15th, 2011. It was attended by managers of the sub-projects and their staff, partners, supporters from professional societies, a representative of the project administration and a member of the scientific advisory board. A midterm workshop to communicate (intermediate) results of the sub-projects and achievements concerning their transdisciplinary integration will take place in the second project year, as well as a closing event later in 2013.

Network coordination and managers of the sub-projects represent the network in public.

You may read the press release to the scientific community introducing the network plus further reading here (in German, PDF).